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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Having it all the Dam

cup of coffee waiting come and create!

On the Road Studio turned out wire work this time around for the Fall line of jewelry going to trail stops in the Pennsylvania Wilds.
working with Wubber pliers and Xuron cutters to wrap stones, glass and wood beads with 20 & 18 gauge copper wire

unfiltered DreamWeaver wheat beer was pretty fabulous in the midst of leaves and beads

a stacked aluminum camp set is great for bringing along all the design elements and tools in this great vintage set.

what is better than this back drop of a fire burning, leaves falling and sun setting

I will then oxidize the shine right out of that bright shiny copper wire

It was hard to leave all this weather. I had never been camping in the new campground  since my Girl Scout days 35 years back, the Civil Corp of Engineers received a big chunk of funding over the last 10 years or so improving greatly the camp area.

~More about camping below:

At the end of September we finally were able to get a 3 day camping trip in at East Branch Lake outside of Wilcox, Pa. in the Allegheny National Forest.  This was our go to while taking drives with my parents and grandparents all through our growing up.  The dam was just a small ride up over the hill for a well needed water fix (most of us were water signs...if that matters ;)) after ice cream at Dutch's which usually happened on flavor Wednesdays of either tea berry, blackberry or root-beer flavored ice cream deliciousness.  Their steak hoagies are still talked about to this day on 'remember Johnsonburg' Facebook groups  Loved those..taking a trip to The Dam Inn evidently, didn't realize this.   I know that the Inn has been making Tilly Wings forever from a lightly breaded whole wing favorite  served at a local watering hole that no longer exists called Bobe Winter's Bar and Grill in West End.

The outside awning was not set-up yet since we arrived at the campsite right when it was getting dark.  I did not think that all the campsites would be full, we luckily pulled in one of the last of two spaces.
Instant coffee with cinnamon sprinkled in was pretty terrific on a very cool Saturday morning while listening to The Nosh and The Alton Browncast on Stitcher

Always save brochures, maps and booklets for camping trips to play catch up.  I love this pic of Herb reading the one from Potter County which includes a great map.
loads of carrots, potatoes, onions and garlic on in with the meatloaf cooked in parchment and foil for easy clean up in the dutch oven for about 2.5 hours.
meals on the fire or charcoal, Saturday and Sunday including Pork Chops and Meatloaf with sausage/eggs/potatoes Saturday morning.  My Mom and girls came to the site for food ;)
poking some slits in the foil so they don't stew

marinating in fresh garlic, fresh thyme, light soy, olive oil, brown sugar and dried herbs


Monday, September 16, 2013

Just plain camping June and July

First time getting out for us was mid June @ Twin Lakes. The weather was perfect, we got to relax with family/friends and the best meal was Saturday evening which included grilled steak, dutch oven potatoes and a good green salad.
Grey comforter added this year
hoot, hoot I do love myself some cast iron cooking!
sweet daughter and her phone... at the dinette, of course there sets my Kindle
just starting to set up
ladder ball with friends and my youngest

July camping again at Twin Lakes (for it is close) with the grand daughter. It rained Saturday and Sunday off and on, mostly on and then perfect Friday evening.  Lots of game playing and dvd watching, especially Coraline and Lady and the Tramp. 
Jenga and a tea party anyone, anyone....

my husband slept in the 4 man with an air mattress through lots of rain

well helloooo there

sweet Bean around the fire Friday

Saturday night winding down thank God for DVD players

Sunday morning bacon and eggs.  We love Wegman's uncured organic bacon :)
Our big thing was to get Elly out camping with us for she lives mountains away and we did. She had been playing in the Winnebago and Shasta all July at Gramma's and was very excited to finally get to a real campground. 
All month of August we did not make it out and now we are mid September and I am needing some nature in my life.  Gearing jewelry projects for 'on the road studio' creating lately for at least a few more outings.  Not quite sure where as of yet, pretty sure though  not close ones ;)
WiLd about the... PA WILDS available here

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pendants to Celebrate Vintage Travel Trailers and Camping

Camper pendants made from 18 gauge copper sheet metal cut into quarter coin size discs.  A collection of hammers paint the scene with texture for the perfect campsite under a warm summer sun.  I don't know about you but, desire for wanderlust screams right about now especially after our crazy long winter in Pennsylvania.  I cannot wait to set up camp in the trees next to water, hopefully ;), forgetting about it all!

Making jewelry under the trees while chipmunks are scurrying under feet sounds good to me and also not hearing motorcycles, chainsaws and 4 wheelers is a happy thing too.  I can't wait to start our camping season.
Pendants before tumbling and oxidizing on the stump.
Listing in the shoppe ETSY

Our Winnie.
enjoy, xoxo

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wanted: Vintage Travel Trailer Buddies :)

I am having a very hard time finding vintage travel trailer owners in Pennsylvania.  I bet you are wondering what says you are vintage, well in the vintage camper community it is a pull behind that is 25+ years or older that has been lovingly restored or kept as close to it's original 'new' state as possible.  Some owners of these fabulous pieces of history go to great pains in restoration down to the smallest detail while others refurbish theirs creating themed trailers perhaps a beach cottage, old west wagon, hippy chic or decked out like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
RV Hall of Fame shot from the balcony above
1939 Schult 8'x20' house trailer @ the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana
Twice we stopped into the RV Hall of Fame in Elkhart, Indiana the last 2 years which is about halfway between where my daughter is now living and us in Pennsylvania.
One of my favorites is a gorgeous 1954 Yellowstone they have with it's beautiful light birch wood paneling, port hole style windows and it's mid century modern details.
the two doors and round windows are fab on the Yellowstone
1954 Yellowstone Travel Trailer
I am a member of Tin Can Tourists click on this link to learn their history.  This site also lists TCT events as well as information on manufacturers through the years and classifieds for finding the vintage travel trailer of your dreams :)

taken during Modernism week Feb. 2013 by Terry Bone of Tin Can Tourists
Isn't that a beautiful thing, a vintage travel trailer rally!!! I think Pennsylvania would be a perfect setting here  to have such a gathering, there must be some of you hiding out there.
Contact me, let's get something started.
Here is me below with our 1966 Winnebago 217 1/2-T and we absolutely have fallen in love.  My dh and I both are born in 1966.  Decorating the interior making it a time capsule from that era is a passion and a joy.
all ready for camping last August 2012

Thursday, March 14, 2013

campers need gifts #1

This print from Laughing Owl Press has been in my thought since I saw it before Christmas time.  Owner and artisan Andrea contacted me wanting to trade for one of the branded PA Wilds handstamped and hammer forged pendants now being offered from a new line dedicated to the 'WILDS'.  I was so honored.
This is a series of 6 from collection 1.  The next collection will be in sterling silver.

first video of the Winnebago interior