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Friday, January 24, 2014

Current favorite Vintage Travel Trailer Shops found on PINTEREST

Pop-up shops are such a super concept especially when out of a vintage travel trailer.  Small towns can have a proper main street on occasion during the year or a caravan of these lovelies at your local festival or art show adds a tourist attraction drawing in more of a buying crowd.
VW Cafe website here setting up at a local openhouse adding to the ambiance of the day playing jazz on a turntable and offering expresso, pastries and lighter fair to the crowd
Such an upscale tone set for any event out of a mini cafe on wheels surrounded by a more sophisticated clientele.
blog post  about a clothing company, Madewell, along a main shopping area in NYC as a pop-up shop out of an Airstream complete with denim bar, braid bar and outside dressings complete with city chic casual.  
Glady's BLOG a beautuful pop-up vintage store in Seattle  
Kara Rosenlund's shoppe on the road in Australia
Rosenlunds's lovely display at the local farmer's market in Australia
Rooftop Movies projecting from a  caravan on a roof in Australia :)
Myrtle & Mae pop up shoppe South Australia

Nunu's House of miniatures
So loved is this idea, artists have created miniatures celebrating the Vintage Travel Trailer shop.  Here is a complete tiny cafe street side in a VW bus on a London street perhaps?

There is not a store inspiration that cannot come to fruition in a vintage travel trailer, from pop-up restaurants to bowling alleys or mini theaters to book stores.  What is your dream shoppe?  I know myself the idea of moving from venue to venue is crazy attractive to me as an artist allowing for that diversity in location and change up in client base.  LOVE IT!!!!!!
For more examples of shops, libraries, movie theaters, vintage and antique shops, record stores, restaurants and cafes go HERE, my set on Pinterest.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Vintage Camper Gallery and Shoppe #1 -Happy Camper Mobile Art Gallery: Happy Camper in the news

The perfect mobile art studio!
Happy Camper Mobile Art Gallery: Happy Camper in the news: The Happy Camper Mobile Art Gallery is making the news!  She (as I like to call my little trailer) was featured in the NH Arts & E...
Such a nice vibe here. Please check out her article, just had to share :)